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Pastiera napoletana

It is a typical Easter cake made in Naples. This cake has been rewarded as best product from Campania.

It is made with short crust pastry, and filled with fresh ricotta, candied fruit, eggs, boiled grain, sugar and orange blossom water, that gives to cake an unique smell and flavour.

The dough is a bit crunchy, whereas the filling is soft and smooth. It has an intense golden colour.

They say that Maria Cristina di Savoia, King Ferdinand II 's wife, known as "the queen without smile", forced by her husband, she tried a piece of Pastiera and smiled. So the King said:" Now I have to wait next Easter day to see my wife's smile".


One day 4 fishermen were caught in a tempest for the whole day and night. When they came back and people asked how they could survive, they answered that they eat the leftover pasta (pasta di ieri) made with ricotta, eggs, grain and spices.

That is why this cake started to be a symbol of rebirth, because it gave a second life to the four fishermen.

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