Passion for quality.

   We love quality, that’s why we make our daily biscuits and cakes using only natural and high quality ingredients.

  Our products are healthy and easily digestible having a low fat percentage and completely free from preservatives and shortening.

   We care meticulously the production process of all our products ensuring the use of the best ingredients, the hygiene and the food safety throughout the whole production.

   Our secret is to constantly investigate and update our recipes and the methodology that we use to prepare our products.

  We are creative artisans and we aim to create new products inspiring to Italian patisserie and our historical traditions.

   We create, we transform and we experiment using the best raw materials to create new mouthwatering, tempting and delightful sensations playing with our senses.


Phone:                                ‭0424 794 963‬


Headquarter:                      Shop 2, 1/3 Faculty Close - 4878 Smithfield. QLD

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