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The  “crostata of jam” is a typical Italian cake that can be served for breakfast or for afternoon tea. Its origins are very old; they trace back on XIV century, when Taillevent wrote about it in his manuscript “Le viander”. In 1570 Bartolomeo Scappi, one of the most famous chef during the Renaissance, started writing about this cake, made with jams, chocolate, and mentioning also the sour version. Since then, this cake started to be proposed in different styles, also if the most appreciated is surely the one made with homemade jam.


They say that in Naples gulf, used to live a mermaid, named Partenope, that every spring used to raise from the sea singing with her sweet voice.

The people from Naples to thank her, decided to bring her gifts. They wanted to praise her with the most precious things they had: flour (that represented strength and richness), ricotta (hard work and its fruits), eggs (rebirth), grain boiled in the milk (the two Reigns’ symbol), orange blossom water (a thanksgiving nature), the spices (distant population) and the sugar (symbol of the sweetness of her chant).

So the mermaid gave all the gifts to the Gods. They made a cake in sign of appreciation and gave it to Partenope, and she donated it to the people from Naples.

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